Planned litters:

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Our puppies are reserved before birth. Please email us now to be placed on the contact list for the next confirmed litter.

You will have your golden retriever for 10-15 years so your selection should consider at least the puppy’s pedigree, family health scores, individual personality and kennel standards. We use the Volhard evaluation Week 7 to provide puppy personality information to new owners. Bio Sensor training is gently built-in weeks 1-3. Puppy love and socialization is ongoing from birth in both inside and outside our home with a variety of children, human adults and adult dogs.

Because we know you are excited to see the new puppies, photos are provided at weeks 1, 3, 5 & 7 and a puppy personality assessment is completed week 7. New owners select their special puppy in week 7. Visitations especially after week 6 are encouraged, but not required. Puppies start life in their new homes after week 8.
We require information from potential new owners before being placed on the reservation list along with a $500 nonrefundable deposit.

Airlines that ship pets:

Our experience leads us to believe that airline travel with a carrier focused on pet health is an appropriate means of travel.

Air Canada |
American Airlines | 800-777-6931 |
Delta Pet First | 800-352-2746 |
Northwest Airlines | 800-692-2746 |
United Airlines | 800-UA-CARGO |
Alaska Airlines | 800-252-7522 |


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