The International All Breed Canine Association of America (IABCA) began more than twenty years ago with the intent of making an International "UCI" Championship Title available to the American public while not exposing the dogs to the danger and inconvenience of international travel. To accomplish this, an association was formed with an International Association of dog clubs headquartered in Germany, the Union Cynologie International (UCI). The UCI organization has been in existence for over 30 years. There are many countries, throughout Europe, North America and the Far East, represented in the association, making it a truly International Organization. Through this International Organization (UCI), International Titles are awarded to dogs who meet the requirements.

IABCA shows are held in accordance with the regulations and guidelines that have been established by UCI. These guidelines provide for a WRITTEN CRITIQUE FOR EACH DOG ENTERED and a rating number of how well the dog conforms to the International "UCI" breed standards. The International 'UCI' standards are based on the 'country of origin' for each breed, if possible.

The AKC provides coverage on all accepted dog breeds, as well as information on registration, pedigrees, and dog shows.

Crufts |
Crufts is an annual international Championship conformation show for dogs organized and hosted by the Kennel Club, currently held every March in Birmingham, England. It is the largest annual dog show in the world and lasts four days.

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Open database for Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever pedigrees.

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A resource website for ordering dog books online.

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A website which provides a brief synopsis of dog training books by topic.

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