Cooper's Holland
We travel to Europe to bring our puppies home. In Cooper’s Holland we were captivated by bicycles, waterways, tall narrow buildings and open flower markets.


Marlie's France
In France we travelled by plane, train, boat and rental car to reach Marlie. We loved every moment from busy Paris to the quiet solitude of the country at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains. We saw it as a land of both simplicity and intricacy most easily seen in the architecture.


Zeva's Spain
Zeva’s Spain was a feast for the eyes. We experienced amazing open markets, hundreds of tapas and interesting meal times. It is a gorgeous country with ancient ornate and ultra modern architecture along vast east, west and south coast lines.


We take great care to insure that our puppies go to wonderfully loving homes. Our puppies now live in Alaska to Key West and Southern California to Boston and all points in between. One of the best things about having puppies at Willowbrook is the opportunity to make new friends across the country.



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